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The US Army made Camp Carson in 1942. Its name changed to Fort Carson in 1954. In the 1950s, mule teams trained there. The mules lined up like train cars. The line was called a mule train. Mule trains carried supplies. Fort Carson stopped training army pack mules in 1956. Those were the last US army mules until the 1980s.

Israeli soldiers load their llamas into a truck in 2006. Sometimes militaries must transport their supply transport animals. These soldiers were bringing their llamas from Lebanon to northern Israel. The llamas had helped the soldiers carry equipment while they were in Lebanon.

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Making Connections


How do you transport things? Do you put items in a backpack? What would it be like if you used an animal to transport stuff?


Have you read other books about military animals? How were the animals in those books similar to or different from the ones in this book?


Militaries around the world use transport animals. What do you think militaries would be like if they couldn’t use any animals?

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