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The NamibRand Nature Reserve is in South Africa. It protects wildlife. Fairy circles dot the desert landscape. The circles are bare spots in the sand. They are surrounded by dry grasses. Many people visit the reserve to see the fairy circles. Some circles are 6 feet (1.8 m) wide. Others are 115 feet (35 m) wide!

West African folklore includes stories about the Aziza. The Aziza are a fairy-like creature. Aziza are helpful. They live in the jungle. In the Yoruba tribe, Aziza taught the people skills to survive.

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Making Connections


If you saw a fairy circle, would you check it out or leave it alone?


Have you ever read a fictional story about fairies? How did those fairies look and act?


Many fairy stories were created to teach children lessons. What is one lesson that might help keep children safe?

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