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According to legend, genies can attach themselves to objects. That means the genie lives inside the object and goes where it goes. In many stories, genies live in lamps. They come out when someone rubs the lamp’s side. In other stories, stones called opals can hold genies.

A Thousand and One Nights is a famous collection of stories. Some of the stories describe genies. Artists have been inspired by this book for thousands of years. In 2014, artists from around the world arrived in Kuwait. This country is located in the Middle East. the artists made he sand sculptures. The artists used details from stories in A Thousand and One Nights to shape their sculptures.

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Making Connections


In some stories, genies have the power to grant wishes. What is one thing you would wish for?


Have you read another book that mentioned genies? What were the genies in that book like?


Stories of genies began in the Middle East. What do you know about this part of the world?

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