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Gnomes are popular garden decorations. Some cities even have annual festivals celebrating them. At these gatherings, people can learn about gnome legends or make crafts. For example, kids can make gnome homes. People place these tiny houses in their yards. The houses often look like tree stumps or mushrooms.

Paracelsus was a writer in the 1500s. He lived in Switzerland. Paracelsus wrote new stories about small dwarf-like creatures. He called them gnomes. Paracelsus was the first person to use this name. But other people had been telling stories about these creatures for many years before that.

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Making Connections


What would you do if you saw a gnome?


Gnomes often appear in stories about dwarves, elves, or fairies. Have you read about any of these creatures? What did you learn?


Many legends about gnomes began in northern Europe. Can you think of a legend that comes from a different part of the world?

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