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The Fountain of Unicorns is located in France. It was carved by a French artist in 1776. The fountain sits in the town square. People admired the beauty of unicorns and believed in their ability to purify water. In the 1700s, fresh water was difficult to find. The artist used the symbol of unicorns for the fountains to show the value of clean water.

Narwhals are a type of whale. A long tusk sticks out from each narwhal’s head. This tusk could grow to be 10 feet (3.0 m) long. In the Middle Ages, traders often sold these tusks to kings and queens. The traders claimed the tusks were unicorn horns. The royals used the tusks as cups. They believed unicorn horns could protect them from poison.

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Making Connections


What would you do if you encountered a unicorn?


Have you read books about other mythical creatures? How are the legends about those creatures similar to legends about unicorns?


Unicorns are often symbols of goodness. What is another creature or animal that people use as a symbol? What does it usually represent?

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