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Oil is a fossil fuel. It forms deep underground. As a result, people must dig wells to reach it. They often use oil rigs. These machines drill deep beneath land or water. They bring the oil up to the surface.

Some people use a process called fracking to get fossil fuels. First, they drill holes in rock that contains gas or oil. Then, they pump water into these holes. The force of the water creates fractures, or cracks. Natural gas and oil leak out. A pipe brings them to the surface. However, fracking can release dangerous chemicals. They can get into nearby water and make people sick.

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Making Connections


Fossil fuels are used to produce electricity. How would your life be different without electricity?


Have you read other books about energy? What problems and benefits did those books describe?


People around the world are working to conserve fossil fuels. What is one way your
family or community could use less energy?

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