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Flying a kite on a windy day is great fun. Wind flows along the bottom of the kite. This pushes the kite up. Wind also flows along the top of the kite. This pulls the kite up. The kite’s string does an important job. It keeps the kite in just the right position. That way, the top wind and bottom wind work together.

People began using windmills in the 400s CE. The first windmills were built by people in Persia. Today, that area is part of Iran. The Persians made their windmills from clay, straw, and wood. The windmills ground grain into flour. People in Iran still use some of these windmills today.

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Making Connections


Would you want to live near a wind turbine? Why or why not?


Wind is a renewable resource. It does not run out. What other renewable resources have you read books about?


People use wind power to produce electricity. What are some ways you use electricity at home or at school?

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