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Pink lakes aren’t just found in Australia’s wilderness. More than 16,000 people live in Port Melbourne, Australia. In one part of the city, a large lake has a bubblegum pink color. People driving past can easily see this brightly colored lake.

Hutt Lagoon’s colors are at its finest when the sun is high in the sky. People suggest visiting the area between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The water also looks the best when there are no clouds in the sky. Cloudy days will block the sunlight. This can dull the lake’s pink coloring.

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Making Connections


What is the most exciting thing in nature that you have ever seen? What was special about it?


Have you read other books about natural wonders? How are they similar to or different from Australia’s pink lakes?


Australians are trying to protect their pink lakes. What are some natural wonders in the area where you live? What can people do to protect them?

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