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The Son of Heaven Pavilion is on Tianzi Mountain. It sits on the edge of a cliff. The pavilion is 98 feet (30 m) tall. Tourists can see a beautiful view of the stone pillars there. Tianzi means “son of Heaven. The Tujia people of China gave that name to the mountain.

The Bailong Elevator was built into a cliff in the Tianzi Mountain area. It allows people to travel up the mountain easily. The elevator holds a world record. It is the tallest outdoor elevator. It has three double-decker cars. It climbs 1,070 feet (326 m) in approximately 66 seconds. It was built by making tunnels in the quartz sandstone to anchor the elevator.

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Making Connections


Would you want to ride the elevator to the top of Tianzi Mountain? Why or why not?


Have you read other books about weathering or erosion? What did you learn?


Do you think tourists should be allowed to visit natural areas such as Tianzi Mountain? Why or why not?

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