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There are about 300 different kinds of octopuses. Some kinds are very big, and some are tiny. One of the smallest octopuses could sit on the tip of your finger! Octopuses are very smart creatures. They can solve problems and use tools.

Octopuses can bend their bodies into different shapes. They change the color of their skin in a second. They can change the texture of their skin too. Their skin changes from smooth to rough. They can make themselves look like rocks or other animals. This camouflage helps them hide from predators. It also helps them sneak up on their next meal. Can you spot the octopus in this image?

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Making Connections


Octopuses are carnivores. They eat meat. What foods do you like to eat?


Have you read other books about animals that do not have bones? How are those animals similar to or different from octopuses?


Octopuses can use camouflage to hide from predators. What other animals use camouflage?

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