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Whales come to the water’s surface for air. Sometimes they breach. They jump high out of the water. They land back in the water. Sometimes whales slap the water with their tails. Scientists believe the slap is a warning. It tells other whales there is danger nearby.

One type of baleen whale is the blue whale. The blue whale is the largest animal ever. It can weigh as much as 33 elephants. It can grow longer than two school buses together. Its heart is as big as a car. Despite its huge size, the blue whale only eats tiny krill.

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Making Connections


Whales have thick fat on their bodies. It helps them stay warm in cold water. How do you stay warm when it is cold outside?


Have you read about other ocean mammals? How are those animals similar to or different from whales?


Whales migrate and swim across the ocean. What other animals migrate?

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