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There are so many ways to make chicken shawarma. Lebanese chicken shawarma has travelled all over the world and has been adapted many times. Street style chicken shawarma recipes cooked on a vertical spit. Today we are going to make a vertical spit chicken shawarma wrap.

Lebanon is one of the world’s oldest countries. There is 5,000 years of organized human history in Lebanon. This means that people had set up working societies with cities and religions. There was farming and trade as well. As time passed, Lebanon has faced wars and other disasters. But through it all, the country remains and rebuilds.

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Making Connections


Many Lebanese American children can speak two languages. Is that something you would want to do? What language would you choose?


Have you read other books about immigrants in America? What do they have in common with this title? How are they different?


Some religious groups argue with each other in Lebanon. Can you think of another place that deals with the same issue? How have they worked to solve the arguments?

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