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Many bird owners have two birds instead of just one. Then the birds can spend time together. This helps the birds not get lonely. The birds won’t need as much attention from the owner. Birds can form close bonds. They stay together for a long time.

Zebra finches are a popular pet bird. They are named after the stripes on their bodies. These songbirds are originally from Australia. They often live in pairs. Zebra finches do not interact with their owners as much as other pet birds do. They do not like to be touched by humans. They might get scared. But people like having them as pets because they are fun to watch and listen to.

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Making Connections


Have you ever seen a pet bird? What did it sound like? What was in its cage?


Have you read about a different kind of pet? How is caring for that pet similar to or different from caring for a pet bird?


Pet birds live in cages. Where else do birds live?

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