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In the ocean, a school of fish can include more than 1,000 fish. Fish have a body part called a lateral line. The lines goes along each side of their bodies. Fish use this organ to sense changes in the water. For example, fish can sense when they are swimming too close to other fish. The lateral line stops fish from running into one another.

The first fish that people started keeping as pets were carp. In Asia, people would eat wild carp. Most of the wild fish were silver-gray. But sometimes people found bright orange or red carp. People put these colorful fish in ponds to keep them safe. Many of today’s pet fish came from those colorful carp.

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Making Connections


Do you know someone who has a pet fish? What color is it? What does it eat?


Have you read other books about fish? What did you learn?


Why do you think people like having fish as pets?

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