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Rabbits use their tongues to clean themselves. Certain parts of their bodies are hard to reach. To clean these areas, rabbits lick their paws. Then they rub their paws over the areas. Rabbits clean their ears in this way. Sometimes, rabbits even help one another clean.

In the 1970s, rabbit owners in Sweden started rabbit hopping contests. They modeled the contests after horse jumping. The rabbits run through a series of jumps. Some jumps are high, and some are low. Rabbits must complete all the jumps in less than two minutes. Today, rabbit hopping contests happen all over the world.

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Making Connections


Do you know someone who has a pet rabbit? What color is the rabbit? How does it play?


Have you read other books about rabbits? What did you learn?


Why would it be important for rabbit owners to know the difference between thumping and binkying?

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