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Unlike most flower petals, a snapdragon’s petals stay closed. Most flying insects are too small to open them. However, bumblebees are the perfect size to pollinate snapdragons. These bees weigh enough to move the petals. But they are small enough to fit inside the flower. They can drink the nectar and collect the pollen.

Many species of flowers use certain traits to attract bees. For examples, bees usually visit flowers that open during the day. These flowers also have a place for bees to land. Their shape is often symmetrical. This means it looks the same on both sides. Bees are often attracted to flowers with a sweet or minty scent. Bees are more attracted blue, purple, or yellow flowers. They cannot see the color red.

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Making Connections


Have you seen bees before? If so, what kinds? If not, where might you find them?


Have you read books about other insects? What do they have in common with bees? How are they different?


Bees are important pollinators. What are some ways bees help the world around them?

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