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Plants try to attract the animals that pollinate them. For example, beetles often pollinate lotus flowers. Lotus flowers also have a strong smell. Many beetles choose flowers with rotten or spicy smells. A lotus flowers’ large petals are also easy for beetles to walk on. Other flowers attract different pollinators like bees. These flowers are cone-shaped. Beetles do not fit well in these flowers.

Beetles can survive extreme conditions. For example, some beetles live high up on mountains. Weather there can be freezing cold. To survive, beetles hibernate. They hide and rest during the winter. In fact, scientists have even found beetles buried under many feet of snow.

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Making Connections


Have you seen beetles before? If so, what kinds? If not, where might you find them?


Have you read books about other insects? What do they have in common with beetles? How are they different?


Beetles can be both helpful and harmful. What other animals both help and hurt the world around them?

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