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Hummingbirds tend to visit flowers with long, tube-shaped petals. These flowers can hold a lot of nectar. Hummingbirds use their sight to find flowers. They are attracted to bright colors. Hummingbirds often visit flowers with orange, purple, or pink petals. But red flowers attract them the most.

One type of hummingbird lives in mangroves along the Pacific Ocean. Mangroves are swampy forests that grow in water. This hummingbird can be found in Costa Rica. Cutting down mangrove trees is illegal there. However, many people still do it. They clear the area for roads and raising shrimp. In addition, climate change is causing sea levels to rise. For these reasons, mangrove hummingbirds may lose their habitats.

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Making Connections


Have you seen hummingbirds before? If so, what kinds? If not, where might you find them?


Have you read books about other birds? What do they have in common with hummingbirds? How are they different?


Many types of hummingbirds are at risk of dying out. What actions could you take to help them survive?

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