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Watch Sadie Sink “Tomorrow” from the Broadway musical Annie.

Sadie Sink cares about animal rights. She narrated the 2018 film Dominion. This film showed how different animals are farmed and killed to become food. Some of the animals were mistreated. The bad treatment animals farmed for meat deal with is a reason people go vegan. They don’t want to give money to the companies that farm animals or animal products.

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Making Connections


Sadie Sink started performing for crowds of more than 500 people when she was 12. How would you feel performing in front of that many people?


Have you read any other books about actors? If so, how were those actors similar to or different from Sadie Sink?


Sadie Sink wants animals all over the world to be treated better. She’s an animal activist. What would you like to see change for the better in the world? Please explain your answer.

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