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Sing along with Zendaya in her incredible scene from The Greatest Showman. She performed “Rewrite the Stars” with Zac Efron.

Zendaya is well known for her incredible red carpet looks. Fashion writers wait for her to arrive at celebrity events so they can see the gowns and outfits she will wear. Zendaya isn’t the one who puts her looks together. She has a stylist named Law Roach. Law Roach and Zendaya love working as a team. They have worked together since Zendaya was 14.

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Making Connections


Zendaya dances, sings, and acts. What do you like to watch her do best?


Have you read any other books about past Disney Channel stars? If so, how were they similar to or different from Zendaya?


Some of Zendaya’s family members were important to the civil rights movement. With the help of an adult, look up important people from the movement. Write a short paragraph about how they changed the world.

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