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Follow along as a Chinese Buddhist warrior monk trains to pass his most important test. He struggles with one move called “monkey going up the tree.”

Buddhists may intentionally do good deeds to build good karma. The good karma will help them be reborn into a good life. They may be born as a god or goddess. In Buddhism, gods and goddesses have supernatural power. They might control the weather or help bring good luck to athletes. If a person is reborn as a god or goddess, they will be closer to reaching enlightenment in their next life.

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Making Connections


What part of Buddhism are you most curious about? Please explain your answer.


Have you ready any books about different religions? How are those religions similar to or different from Buddhism?


Times have changed since Buddha was alive. Do you think it has become easier or more difficult for Buddhists to let go of their troubles and desires? Please explain your answer.

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