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People are careful when cooking with a stove. But sometimes accidents happen. For example, oil can spill onto the stove. The oil can catch on fire. Putting water on an oil fire makes it worse. Instead, people should turn off the stove and cover the pan with a lid. They should call 9-1-1 if the fire gets too big.

Adults use fire extinguishers to put out flames. Using a fire extinguisher has four steps. First, pull the pin out of the top. Second, aim at the base of the fire. Third, squeeze the handle. Fourth, spray in a side-to-side motion. Some people remember the steps with the word P.A.S.S.

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Making Connections


What is one way you can follow fire safety rules at your home?


Have you read other books about safety tips? How were those tips similar to or different from the tips described in this book?


Firefighters help people in a fire emergency. What other kinds of people help in emergencies?

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