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If left open, cuts and scrapes can become infected. An infection happens when dirt gets into a wound. It can cause redness and pain. First aid helps prevent infections. Cleaning removes dirt. And bandages help keep dirt out.

When you get injured, your body sends more blood to the hurt area. Blood helps the injury heal. But too much blood flow can add to pain or swelling. Raising the injury slows down blood flow. This helps lessen the swelling and pain. If you hurt your ankle, you can use pillows to prop it up.

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Making Connections


Have you ever gotten a cut or bruise? What did you do to help it heal?


Have you read other books about safety tips? How were those safety tips similar to or different from the tips described in this book?


First aid is a kind of medical help. Can you think of people or groups that help care for someone who is sick or injured?

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