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People stay safe on boats by following rules. They must have one life jacket for every person on board. They can bring lights and a whistle to see or make noise in an accident. Dark clouds and strong winds are signs of bad weather. People should get off the boat in case of a storm. The driver should not suddenly stop, start, or turn. Those actions could cause someone to fall in the water.

Water safety is important near lakes, rivers, and pools. Water safety at home is important too. Sometimes floors near a sink, toilet, or bathtub get wet. People can slip and get hurt. During bath time, mop up spills. Don’t move quickly or suddenly. A bathtub full of water can be dangerous for kids.

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Making Connections


When have you been near water? What did you do to stay safe?


Have you read other books about safety tips? How were those tips similar to or different from the tips described in this book?


Water safety can help people in homes, at pools, and outdoors. How is swimming outdoors different from swimming indoors?

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