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These people are “doing the wave” at a sports game. The energy of the wave moves through the crowd. People stand up when the wave gets to them. Then they sit down as the wave passes. The wave moves energy around. But the people stay at their seats. Ocean waves work the same way. The wave moves energy through the water. But the water itself stays in the same spot.

Tsunamis are huge ocean waves. Sometimes earthquakes happen in the ocean. A lot of water is moved quickly. This movement creates a tsunami. This wave does not crash into the shore like regular waves. Instead, a tsunami causes a huge rise in the sea level at the shore. Tsunamis can cause harmful flooding on land.

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Making Connections


Have you seen waves in real life? What do you think caused them?


Have you read other books about waves or energy? What did you learn?


Waves have to do with the movement of energy. When do you use energy in your life?

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