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Watch as sweet baby zebra sharks are hatched at the Georgia Aquarium. You will be able to see how these sharks got their name.

Female zebra sharks lay unique-looking brownish-purple eggs. The eggs can capsules can measure up to 7 inches (17cm) long and 3 inches (7.6cm) wide. Some people call the eggs “mermaid purses.” Eggs hatch four to six months after they are laid. Newly-hatched young are less than 10 inches (25cm) long.

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Making Connections


Zebra sharks spend most of their time on the ocean floor. If you were a shark, is that where you would want to spend your time? Why or why not?


Have you ever read a book about another kind of shark? How is that shark like a zebra shark? How is it different?


Zebra sharks got their name for the zebra-like markings they have early in life. Can you think of any other animals that got their name because of how they look?

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