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Watch as a mom and dad clown fish clean and prepare a safe home to lay their eggs. Follow along and see the babies grow into big clown fish who go out and start their own families.

Flatfish have very interesting life cycles. Young flatfish look a lot like other fish. But when they grow into adults, flatfish start to swim on their sides. One of their eyes moves to the other side of the body! Now, both eyes are on the top of the flatfish. The bottom side of the fish is its belly. Flatfish rest this side on the ocean floor. They watch for prey with their eyes, on the top.

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Making Connections


Which is your favorite step in the fish life cycle? Why?


What stories have you read about fish? Did they include fish at different steps in the life cycle? Why do you think they did or didn’t?


What is another transforming animal you know about? How is its life cycle similar to or different from a fish’s?

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