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Barn owls are beautiful creatures who can fly silently through the air. Learn about the science behind this skill and compare it’s flight speed to other birds in this video.

Barn Owls swallow their prey whole. Soft parts of the animals are digested. The skeletons of entire mice, rats, and bats that were eaten appear in pellets the owl spit up. The little bones of the animals are too sharp and could hurt the owl’s insides. Some people dissect owl pellets. This means they break the pellet apart to find the bones and put together the skeletons to see what the owl was eating.

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Making Connections


Have you ever seen an owl in real life? If not, when and where would you try to look for one?


Have you read any books about other kinds of owls? How were they similar to and different from barn owls?


Barn owls are raptors. What are two other examples of raptors?

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