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Watch as a bobcat patiently hunts in winter. This wildcat is determined to use all of its skills to get its next meal. Bobcats are as cute as they are capable.

Bobcats look a lot like another big cat—the lynx. They are very hard to tell apart. The easiest way to tell is by size. Lynx are much larger. The bobcat has smaller feet, and they are less furry than the lynx’s paws. Lynx are known for tufts of black hair on the tip of their ears. Bobcats do not have this.

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Making Connections


Do you think you could catch sight of a bobcat? How would you try to find it?


Have you read about different big cats in other books? How were they similar to or different from the bobcat?


Bobcats’ camouflage helps them hunt. What are some other animals with good camouflage?

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