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Armadillos eat fire ants. They dig in the ground to reach the ants’ nests. Then they eat the ants and their eggs. Fire ants have a painful bite. But armadillos have hard plates on their bodies. This armor protects armadillos. The ants cannot bite through it. Armadillos can eat the ants without getting hurt.

An armadillo’s armor is heavy. So, armadillos have a hard time floating. To cross water, armadillos have two options. One option is to hold their breath. This lets the armadillos sink and walk underwater. The other option is to suck air into their stomachs. The air helps the armadillos float enough to swim.

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Making Connections


Would the area you live in be a good home for an armadillo? Why or why not?


What books have you read about other mammals? How are armadillos similar to those animals? How are they different?


An armadillo’s long, sticky tongue helps it grab insects. Can you think of other body parts that help animals catch food?

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