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A female fox gives birth about once a year. She usually has between one and 11 babies. Young foxes are called pups. They live in the den for a while. A mother fox will call out to her pups if danger is near.

There are several species of foxes. Each has adapted to the environment where it lives. For example, the Artic fox lives in cold, northern areas. In winter, this fox’s fur turns white. It blends in with the snow around it. In summer, the fox’s fur turns brown or gray. That way, it still blends in after the snow melts.

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Making Connections


Foxes can be many colors. What color would help a fox blend in where you live?


What books have you read about other mammals? What do those mammals have in common with foxes? How are they different?


Foxes have thick fur. What other ways do animals stay warm in cold weather?

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