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Moles dig quickly. They use their powerful front legs to scoop soil. Then they push the soil back behind their bodies. Moles can dig 15 feet (4.6 m) of tunnels in one hour. Shallow tunnels near the surface help moles move. Other tunnels go deeper underground. Moles use these tunnels to sleep and store food.

There are 42 different kinds of moles. One kind is the star-nosed mole. It has a group of tentacles at the end of its nose. The tentacles act like fingers. They help the mole sense its surroundings. In this way, the tentacles help the mole find food. Star-nosed moles eat worms and other insects.

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Making Connections


Are there areas around you that would be a good home for a mole? Why or why not?


What books have you read about other animals that dig tunnels? What do those animals have in common with moles? How are they different?


Moles dig easily in soil with few roots. Can you think of places where it would be hard for moles to dig?

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