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Listen to a Little Critter book by Mercer Mayer. Hear about the times Little Critter remembers to be responsible and the time he forgets. How could he make better choices?

One responsibility everyone has is keeping their bedrooms clean. If they have their own room, they are in charge of picking up all the messes they make. If they share a room, they share the responsibility of keeping it clean. Setting aside time every week, or even daily, to do a quick tidy of the bedroom is responsible. It will also keep the room from getting overly messy. Clean rooms help kids get better night’s sleep to stay healthy and rested.

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Making Connections


What are some of your daily responsibilities? How do you remember to complete them?


Have you read any other books that talk about responsibilities? Did you learn anything different in those books?


Do you think each person has a responsibility to the world? If so, give some examples.

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