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Hundreds of years ago, Mexico City had lakes and canals for axolotls to live in. But since the 1600s, people have drained the water and emptied some of the lakes and canals. Axolotls’ homes got smaller and smaller. Today, some people are building new canals for the axolotls to live in.

Axolotls’ skin can be multiple colors. Wild axolotls often have brown skin with spots. Axolotls that live in tanks tend to have one solid color. Their skin can be dark or light. Axolotls with light skin often look white, pink, or yellow.

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Making Connections


Axolotls live in Mexico City. What animals have you seen in or near the place you live?


Have you read other books about animals that live in water? How are those animals similar to or different from axolotls?


Axolotls are endangered because of polluted water and non-native fish. How can people help endangered animals?

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