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Blowfish with spines are known as porcupinefish. There are several types of porcupinefish. The spotted porcupinefish lives on coral and rocky reefs. It has a cream-colored body with dark spots. Its spines usually lay flat. But the spines stand up when the fish puffs up its body.

Blowfish have toxin in their bodies. They use the toxin as a defense. The toxin is deadly to most animals. Even so, some people risk their lives to eat blowfish. A chef carefully removes the parts that are toxic. In Japan, this meal is known as fugu.

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Making Connections


Have you ever seen a fish swimming in the wild? If yes, where were you? If not, where could you go to see fish?


Have you read books about other animals that live in the ocean? How are those animals similar to or different from blowfish?


Blowfish defend themselves by puffing up. How do other animals defend themselves?

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