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Markhors play an important role in their habitat. After eating plants, they scatter seeds in their poop. Spreading seeds helps plants survive. The seeds grow into plants in new areas. Markhors are also an important food source for larger animals. Without markhors, snow leopards would not have enough to eat.

The ibex is another type of mountain goat. Similar to the markhor, huge horns grow out of an ibex’s head. However, an ibex’s horns are very different from a markhor’s. An ibex’s horns are bumpy. They also curve back toward the animal’s body instead of going straight up.

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Making Connections


Markhors are a type of goat. Have you ever seen a goat? If so, how was it similar to or different from a markhor?


Have you read books about another animal that has horns? How does that animal use its horns?


Markhors face threats. What other animals are in danger? What can people do to help those animals survive?

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