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Steve Irwin comes nose to nose with a bearded dragon!

Pogona vitticeps, or the central bearded dragon, is the most common bearded dragon to keep as a pet. However, not all central bearded dragons look the same. Beardies have what people call “morphs.” A morph is a physical trait, including size, scales, pattern, and coloring. The image shows some examples of morphs. The bearded dragon on the left has small speckles of color. It has the rare paradox morph. The middle beardie has a hypo leatherback morph. Hypo is short for “hypomelanistic.” This means that the beardie has a significant lack of any dark coloring on the skin, eyes, and nails. Leatherbacks have fewer or no spikes, giving them a leathery look and feel. The final beardie, on the far right, is a zero morph. This means that the lizard has no color or pattern.

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Making Connections


What is your favorite thing about bearded dragons?


Have you read any other books about bearded dragons? What did you learn in those books that was not in this one?


Australia is home to lots of animals, including wild bearded dragons. What other animals do you like that live in Australia?

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