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Mother chickens lay many eggs. Several chicks hatch around the same time. Bigger chicks peck at smaller chicks. This action shows the smaller chicks that the bigger chicks are in charge. The bigger chicks eat the best food. The smaller chicks get whatever is left. This system is called a pecking order.

There are many different kinds of chickens. Some are calm and curious. Some are nervous and run away from things. Others are likely to fight. Certain kinds of chickens are heavy. Farmers often raise these chickens for meat. Other types are lighter but lay more eggs.

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Making Connections


If you were a farmer, would you keep chickens on your farm? Why or why not?


Have you read other books about farm animals? How are chickens similar to and different from those animals?


There are many chickens in the world. Why do you think chickens are so common?

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