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This graph shows how supply and demand work together. When there is low supply of a product, there is usually high demand. This happens when people buy a lot of a product, and the store starts to run out of it. When there is a greater supply, the demand for the product is low. The graph also shows that price is highest when demand is highest. Equilibrium is when there is exactly enough supply to meet demand.

Demand can also be seen in games. People found a rare Pokémon in the mobile game Pokémon Go. Many people want to catch the rare Pokémon. Some will spend money to buy more pokéballs. The demand for the rare Pokémon is very high.

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Making Connections


Have you ever wanted to buy something that was in low supply?


What items have been in high demand for characters in your favorite books?


How have you seen supply and demand in the real world?

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