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Dining at a sushi and sashimi restaurant sometimes comes with a show. Most restaurants have a counter facing the place where the chef prepares the meat. Diners can watch the chef at work. Chefs are highly trained in the art of cutting fish. They use fancy knives and make fast, precise cuts. This skill can be fascinating to watch.

There are several kinds of sushi. Each uses rice in a different way. Sometimes the rice is rolled up with fish inside seaweed. This form of sushi is called maki. Nigiri is another popular form. It is a slice of fish placed atop a small amount of rice.

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Making Connections


Would you want to become a sashimi chef? Why or why not?


Have you read other books about seafood? How is sashimi similar to or different from the foods mentioned in those books?


People who live on islands often have access to fresh fish. How else might the places people live affect the kinds of foods they eat?

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