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Dingoes are sometimes called wild dogs. But dingoes were never people’s pets. Scientists say dingoes have always been wild, like wolves. Some dingoes mate with dogs. They create a cross between a dog and a dingo. Some people adopt these animals.

Dingoes are the largest land predator in Australia. But it is hard to find food in the desert. Dingoes eat what they can find. They often eat rabbits and kangaroos. They sometimes eat people’s sheep and young cows. If there is not enough prey, dingoes will look for food in people’s garbage.

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Making Connections


Would you like to see a dingo in real life? Why or why not?


Have you read books about dogs? How are dogs similar to dingoes? How are they different?


Dingoes are predators. What are two other examples of predators?

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