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Police officers use different types of armor at different times. Officers often walk around the community. Then, they wear light vests. Each vest covers the front and back of the body but not the arms. The vests stop bullets from common guns. Officers who work at prisons wear different armor. This armor keeps them safe from knives. Sometimes officers must enter unsafe areas. Then, they might wear heavier, harder armor. It offers even more protection.

Fighters mostly stopped wearing metal armor during the early 1900s. By then, guns were the most common weapons. Metal armor did not work well against bullets. Then scientist Stephanie Kwolek invented Kevlar. Kevlar is stronger than steel. It is also very light. And it can handle high temperatures. Today, fighters and police officers wear bullet-resistant vests made of Kevlar.

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Making Connections


Would you rather wear chain mail or plate armor? Why?


Have you read other books about knights or medieval times? What new thing did you learn?


Police officers and soldiers often wear armor. Who else might wear protective clothing for their job?

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