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Soil keeps seeds in the ground. Without it, the seeds might blow away. They could not grow into plants. This time-lapse video shows wheat seeds beginning to grow in farm soil. Time-lapse videos are sped up after they are recorded. They can show a long process in a short amount of time. Plants usually grow much slower.

One organism that lives in soil is the earthworm. Earthworms are good for soil. They spread air and water throughout the layers. They also bring nutrients into the soil. They do this by eating the soil. As the soil passes through them, they absorb some nutrients. When worms are done, they leave castings, or poop, with different nutrients in the ground.

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Making Connections


Earth has many different kinds of soil. Where have you seen soil? What color or texture did it have?


Have you read other books about soil? What is something new that you learned in this book?


Plants need nutrients from the soil to grow. What could happen if all these nutrients get used up?

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