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School buses are made for safety. They are big and yellow. Their size and color makes them easy for people to see. School buses also have flashing lights. The lights blink red or yellow. They get other drivers’ attention. They help cars stop so kids can get on and off the bus safely.

The inside of a bus has tall, cushioned seats. The seats protect riders if there is a crash. They keep people and their belongings from flying around. Some buses also have seatbelts. Windows and doors on all sides of the bus offer many ways out. The ceiling has an exit door too.

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Making Connections


When have you ridden on a bus? What did you do to stay safe?


Have you read other books about safety tips? How were those safety tips similar to or different from the ones described in this book?


Many kids take the bus to school. But some kids ride in cars. Others walk. How can people stay safe when walking or riding in cars?

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