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Many playgrounds have ropes or walls that people can climb. Before starting to climb, learn a safe way to get down. Only jump off if you’re close to the ground. To stay safe while climbing, use both hands and feet. Don’t follow another person too closely. Give others space. That way, their feet won’t hit you by mistake.

Sometimes litter is left at playgrounds. Litter is trash that was not thrown away. Keep an eye out for litter. Do not touch it. Instead, go play in other areas. Metal or glass can hurt people who step on it. Be sure to throw your own trash in the garbage.

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Making Connections


What is your favorite place to play? What do you like about it?


Have you read other books about safety tips? How were those safety tips similar to or different from the tips described in this book?


Some playgrounds are indoors. Others are outside. What extra steps should a person do at an outdoor playground to stay safe?

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